kiss me :)

i don't know when it was from the moment that i saw u 
every minutes , every second , i keep on thinking about u 
what u are doing ? where are u right now ?
i look here and there 
i keep on liking u 
i think i'm going crazy
i wonder the way my heart feels
i wonder ig you know the way i feel
day after day , every time i look at you 
i always want to wait 
i only want to know u and love u
even spending time on love is a waste
i don't want to do anything without u every day
from the moment i open my eyes ,
i want to see u 
now i can't go on onee day without u
i just want to herar yu say i love u love me
i love u every day , only love u , the two of us
what if u were mine ? just imaging it 
makes me feel nervous , i think i am going to crazy
i'm going to run to u and confess !
i become speechless and hold my breath
your two hands are holding my shaking hands
i think i'm going to cry 
did u just confess to me ?
will u always protect and only look at me ?
when i cry because of u 
will u promise to hug me ?
this is the moment that i have longed for
i can't believe that this is really happening
are u going to look at an protect  me every day ?
i love u too much for use to be friends
so can u please tell me that one word ,
" I LOVE U " right now ? 
i love yu every day , only love me 


Terima kasehh .like ceta RORO taw :)

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